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Vector Design & Consultancy

Free Design

Contact us, get advised from one of our specialist and select one or more icons from our existing stock.

If you need more icons in the same style that are not in our collection, we can design the icons you need in style with your icon set. You receive the same rights as for stock icons and we have rights to extend existing icon set by these icons.

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Exclusive Icons
Set Design

Order this service in case you need icons designed exclusively for your next project.

In this case we design icons in style you need (please note it could not be the same style as icon sets we offer). We'll not sell these icons to somebody else. Price per icon is higher than in case of extending existing stock icons set service.

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Minimalist App
Icon Design

You’ve made an app and it should be highlighted with great icons.

Ensure your app stands out from the crowd with custom icons tailor made to push your app toward success. Our expert icon designers create eye-popping, colorful, and memorable icons, Fantastic icons! Exactly what you're hoping for!

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Branding &
Logos Design

A logo represents a brand in its most simplest or abstract form.

A logo will encompass your brand’s personality and will be one of the most used and seen assets of your brand and/or business. Check our previous logo designs portfolio or click the button below to process your order.

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